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Nov. 21st, 2010

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And in the meantime, he and Jensen would be friends and do stuff together and email each other silly shit and Jensen would get lost the first time he got Jared to invite him over to the house to see his motorcycles and meet his dogs.

Jared was working on the Triumph in the driveway when Jensen finally pulled up to the house. He’d parked his truck on the street to give himself more space. The garage door was open, as was the door into the house from the garage – he didn’t have the air conditioning on so it didn’t matter how many doors he had open – Harley was inside, probably sprawled all over the couch, and Sadie was lying down on the garage floor, watching the great outdoors.

Jared had his dogs trained well enough that they weren’t going to go running off while he was there, but he still had to yell “Sadie!” when Jensen parked his car in front of the house and got out, and Sadie jumped up and went running over to him. She stopped maybe a foot in front of him and started barking, and he backed against the car, clearly startled.

“Sadie!” Jared called again, jumping up to rescue Jensen. “Sit!”

Uh... Jared? Jensen said. )

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A few days after his long afternoon with Jensen and the motorcycle, Jared came down with a cold. He didn’t feel 100% in the morning but went to work anyway because there was no reason not to, but by the afternoon he was flagging, and apparently looked bad enough that Jim sent him home. He lay on the couch for a while and then took some cold drugs and put himself to bed.

The next day he felt worse, so he called the garage when he woke up, and then went back to sleep. Jeff came by to get the dogs, not knowing Jared was home, but Jared didn’t mind because it meant he didn’t have to get dressed and more importantly, didn’t have to leave the house. But he did take it as a sign that he should maybe get out of bed.

He took a shower while Jeff walked the dogs )

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this is nc-17, just so you know. :D

Jensen hadn’t told anyone but Chris and Danneel about his interest in (and desire for) Jared, but somehow word seemed to have gotten around. By now everyone knew he was no longer seeing Matt, but how they’d figured out that he was trying to put the moves on someone else, he couldn’t guess, and he wasn’t going to ask.

He had to pick a weekend to make his move, though, because on the off-chance it worked and Jared was actually interested in him, he wanted the guy to be able to stay over. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was going to do, or when, or how far exactly he wanted to push it on the first try, but he did want to make sure there would be enough time for them to play around, if Jared was into it. And he wanted to do it at his place, so Jared could leave if he freaked out.

Jensen was trying very hard not to think about what would happen if Jared freaked out. )

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(also nc-17. we've clearly hit a porny part of the story. :D )

They talked off and on over the next week, but didn’t see each other until the following Saturday, when Jared knocked on Jensen’s door late at night and woke him up.

“What, I’m coming,” Jensen grumbled, stumbling into the front room and opening the door. Jared stood there, grinning. “Jared? What are you doing here?”

“I went out with Beth and Aldis,” Jared said. “They dropped me off.”

“Are you drunk?”

“A little.”

Do you know what time it is? )

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