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Nov. 3rd, 2016


Nov. 3rd, 2016 02:56 am
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One night Frances and Sadie and another shopgirl from Macy's named Emmy went up to Harlem, to the Cotton Club, to drink and dance and watch the performers. Rose wasn't feeling well and Ida stayed with her, and as Sadie sat in the taxi going uptown, sandwiched between Emmy and Frances in their dancing clothes, she found herself not missing her friends at all. Sometimes it was good to get away from the people who'd known you almost your whole life, and be with people you'd just met. She didn't want to completely reinvent herself, but she wanted to be able to cut loose without the possibility of disapproval from girls she genuinely liked.

The Cotton Club, much to Sadie's disappointment, didn't have dancing, at least not for the patrons. But it was decorated in what she assumed was an approximation of a Southern plantation, and the professional dancers, when they appeared, were beautiful and exotic. She was a little surprised that the only black people were the employees - she would have thought a club smack in the middle of Harlem would be full of people from the neighborhood, but maybe that just proved how little she knew about the city.

She and Frances and Emmy drank their cocktails and ordered some food and watched the show )

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