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Laurie wished he could tell his subconscious to quit it with the weird dreams, although dreaming about Gunther Glassman sitting on the edge of his tub was probably better than dreaming about fucking his half brother. But still. He obviously had Gunther's death on his mind, and he didn't think he'd be able to get it out so quickly, but he wished it wouldn't invade his sleep like that. He'd never know what Gunther was thinking when he picked Laurie to play at his funeral, and he might never know for sure why "Hallelujah," although that at least he could guess at. Not knowing didn't stop him from wondering, it just meant he'd always be a little frustrated at not being able to find the answer.

cut for waking and reasoning and smutting and a really abrupt ending )

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part 29

Nov. 27th, 2003 01:14 am
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Another fucking dream, and when did he suddenly become aware of what was a dream and what was real? But here he is standing on a sidewalk he knows he's never seen in his waking hours, but he's digging in his pocket for his keys because no one's home to let him in the house and what's he going to do, break in? While he's trying to find his keys a guy walks past him talking on a cell phone, "I'm going to be in Ann Arbor tomorrow," he says. "So if you need me I'll be there doing what I do best."

cut for the very strange dream )

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Laurie thought about Parrish all the way home - thought about his ass and his cock, thought about his mouth and his hands and the way his voice could make you insane with wanting him. Laurie thought about all those things and more, thought about positions and words and how Parrish would look sprawled on his bed, and he was predictably hungry and aching when they finally made it to his building and up the stairs and into his apartment.

cut for more smut and that weird unsettled feeling )

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part 27

Nov. 25th, 2003 10:58 pm
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Laurie was late to the sound check at Underworld because he'd promised to take Danny to the club and then bring him back home after Steerpike had finished their set. Their mom had made Laurie promise to take Danny right home, and Laurie had made Danny promise not to take any drinks from anyone, he didn't care how cute they were, and it was only because they'd both agreed to those conditions that Danny was allowed to go at all. Laurie said if Danny wanted, they could stay for part of the Mintyfish set and just tell their mom that Steerpike started late and breakdown took longer than expected.

cut for the show and a teeny smutlet way at the end )

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part 26

Nov. 24th, 2003 10:29 pm
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Actually, the first thing Laurie did on Monday morning, after he turned the coffee pot on, was to go jerk off in the shower. He woke up a little tense and figured it would relax him. He thought about Parrish's mouth and Parrish's hands and Parrish's voice and how easily Parrish made him come, and he let out an intensely satisfied groan as he shot onto the tiles. It did make him feel a little bit better.

cut for the funeral )

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part 25

Nov. 23rd, 2003 06:38 pm
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On Saturday morning Laurie made himself some coffee, showered and shaved, rolled up a pair of nice work pants, secured the roll with a rubber band, put it and his work shoes in a bag, put the bag in one of his bike's saddlebags, and went to work, where the most recent rumor making the rounds of the restaurant had him seeing things because he was crazed with grief.

cut for mostly saturday )

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part 24

Nov. 22nd, 2003 12:45 am
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The weather wasn't too terrible - not that cold yet and even though there were some clouds it wasn't going to rain - so Laurie rode his Harley down to the clinic, the closer one on Magazine Street where you usually didn't have to wait too long if you showed up without an appointment. He liked the clinics - getting his blood taken in a hospital always made him a little nervous, although he couldn't tell you why. Maybe because the clinics were used to boys like him, gay boys who had indiscriminate sex like crazed wombats, even though he always, always used a condom. You could never be too sure. Besides, if he didn't go get tested on a regular basis Lea would have his head. Both heads.

cut for the clinic and the restaurant and another couple of cameos )

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part 23

Nov. 21st, 2003 03:19 pm
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The first thing Laurie did when he got home, after he took off his jacket and threw his motorcycle helmet in the closet but before he checked his answering machine, was make some coffee. It helped him think.

When he felt sufficiently caffienated he pushed the play button on his answering machine. Most of the messages were from Bader Glassman, and they all basically boiled down to "Where the hell are you? I need to talk to you." He left three different phone numbers - his house, his mom's house, and his cell phone. Laurie figured he'd avoid calling Mrs Glassman's house as long as he could, because what would he say to her if she answered the phone? "Hi, Mrs Glassman, I'm Laurie Dolan, I was friends with Gunther, we were fuckbuddies for a while...." Uh... no.

cut for the conversation with bader glassman )

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part 22

Nov. 20th, 2003 04:08 pm
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"What's Bader Glassman want?" he asked Lea.

"Gunther killed himself."

"What? He's in Toronto or somewhere." As if that made any difference.

"Bader says he's been back a couple of days. He really needs to talk to you." She paused for a minute or half a minute, and in that space of time Laurie shrugged up at Parrish, who was now kneeling next to him on the bed.

"What is it?" Parrish whispered.

"I'm not sure," Laurie whispered back. "What?" he said into the phone, because Lea had started talking again.

"I said when's the last time you had an AIDS test."

"Two months ago. I'm still negative. Why?"

"Gunther was HIV positive."

cut for more of the phone call )

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For the first time in a long time Laurie was woken not by an alarm clock and not by a ringing cell phone, but by sunlight filtering through curtains and the weird feeling that someone was staring at him. A few years ago when his apartment building was being fumigated, Laurie had crashed on Mission's couch for a couple of nights, back before Mission bought his house, when he still lived in an apartment with a girlfriend and a cat and a drum kit. The cat would wake him up one of two ways - either by walking on his head, which it did once and learned not to do again because he shoved it hard off the couch, or by sitting on a chair and staring at him. For some reason that always woke him up.

This was like that, except when he opened his eyes and managed to focus (Laurie was not and would never be a morning person), the starer was Parrish, squatting on the floor with a camera. Pointed at him.

"Uh... morning?" Laurie said.

cut for morning smuttus interruptus )

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"Oh man, Parrish, this is fantastic. Any time you want to come cook for me you're more than welcome."

"I might take you up on that."

"I hope you do."

"Oh, damn," Parrish said, smacking himself in the forehead. "I forgot the asparagus."

"That's ok. I don't really like it. Besides, it leaves more room for dessert."

Parrish smiled, obviously relieved. It occurred to Laurie for the first time that Parrish might be looking at this as a first date, and that he might be nervous. It was endearing.

"Would you be disappointed if I said I bought dessert?"

"Nope," Laurie said. "Just as long as it's good I don't care if you baked it or bought it."

cut for more table talk and smut )

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part 19

Nov. 15th, 2003 05:14 pm
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Parrish lived in the Abbey, an old nunnery complex now converted into fancy clubs and shops and high-end condos. Lea had dragged Laurie into some of the boutiques, usually when she was looking for a girly present for her mom, but he'd never been in any of the condos. It occurred to him as he rode around that if he was more of a class warrior he might be impressed with himself for having netted a rich boy. But he was more or less class-blind - in the dark, without their clothes on, on their hands and knees or splayed on their backs, everyone was pretty much the same - and in fact his only thought as he found a place to park his bike was How much do city planners make? He hadn't thought the city paid its employees that well.

cut for the house tour and the making of dinner )

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parrish's risotto made its first appearance on the naked chef. the recipe's in one of jamie oliver's cookbooks and i also found it here. the abbey where he lives belongs to [livejournal.com profile] cicirossi.

part 18

Nov. 14th, 2003 10:23 pm
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It didn't occur to Laurie until almost eight that night that he'd never asked Parrish where he lived, and Parrish had never told him. Their brains had clearly been fried by the dirty talk. Well, he'd just have to call the guy in the morning.

cut for an evening and a morning and mom and danny again )

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Laurie pulled off his boots and took the phone over to the couch. Not that expected his conversation with Parrish was really going to be anything other than a fairly innocuous talk - the guy was at work, after all - but it never hurt to be prepared and comfortable. Besides, his boots were so old they were wearing through, and if he rode in them for too long they hurt his feet.

He briefly debated calling Parrish's cell phone, because what if his office had a problem with him receiving personal phone calls on company time? The city morgue, where Lea worked, had a policy about how much time you were allowed to spend on personal non-emergency calls. He only knew that after he called her four times in one day and someone else had answered the phone and clued him in. The other person, who Laurie had always assumed was Lea's supervisor, said she could get in trouble if she spent too much time on the phone. After that Laurie was really careful about calling her. And the restaurant didn't allow him to get personal phone calls at all, so he usually left his cell phone on but set to vibrate while he was working.

past here be phone smut )

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part 16

Nov. 12th, 2003 04:57 pm
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"Pendejo," she practically spat. "He put it on the bouncers and the floor security guys. I told him if I heard it happened again, to anyone - boys or girls - I'd report the club to the cops for drug dealing. And I made it clear that if the Pig was closed it would hurt me too, but I was willing to risk it."

"Cool." Laurie was impressed. Lea was much better at this than he was.

He wondered if she was cool enough to not freak out over his weird-ass dream, and how did you bring that up in conversation?

"Are you sitting down?" That seemed safe enough.

"I'm in bed. I came back from taking Marshall's spoiled ass to the garage and tried to go back to sleep. I don't think it's going to happen now. Why?"

"How good are you with dream interpretation?"

"And again I ask 'why?'"

cut for talking at length and the mention of twincest )

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part 15

Nov. 11th, 2003 11:56 pm
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Another morning, another body in bed with him - except this time it was Danny again, and hopefully he'd slept off the fiasco of last night and was going to feel ok to go to school.

There was no way Laurie was going to tell him about the dream.

and then they woke up... )

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the first bit's for [livejournal.com profile] brazenangel and anyone else with an incest kink.

uh, yeah, it pretty much starts off with the smutting )

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part 13b

Nov. 9th, 2003 11:58 pm
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Danny was fast asleep in Parrish's car when they finally got to Laurie's apartment. The kid was very hard to wake up, and in fact Laurie and Parrish heaved him out of the car and up to the apartment without him ever coming fully awake.

They took Danny into the bedroom, dropped him on the bed, pulled off his shoes, and pulled the blankets over him. He rolled over and mumbled something into the pillow, and Laurie and Parrish went back out to the other room, first closing the bedroom door behind them. Laurie thanked Parrish again - twice - and Parrish said it was no problem.

just a short bit )

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part 13

Nov. 9th, 2003 10:06 pm
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If he'd been able to get outside his own head, he might've been amazed at how quickly the tone of an evening could change, how quickly your own emotions and intentions could swing.

"Fuck," Laurie said again, heaving himself off the couch with some difficulty. If Lea noticed that he was still kind of hard inside his jeans, she didn't say anything. "Where'd you see him last? What time is it?"

"On the dance floor with that other boy, and just after eleven. I did make Charlotte blush, I think, and when I turned around Danny was gone."

in which we find out what happened )

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part 12

Nov. 9th, 2003 05:09 pm
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"Cool." Danny hadn't run screaming. Either he really did think he was gay, or he was just keeping an open mind, and in either case Laurie was convinced this had been a good idea. And he didn't think that just because he'd gotten to meet Parrish, although that was a nice bonus.

The three of them hung over the balcony and watched the dance floor and the stage until the boy Danny had been dancing with came back with two bottles. Laurie wasn't as bothered as he should have been by the knowledge that his seventeen-year-old half brother was drinking. He was pretty certain it was just the one beer. Admittedly, Laurie didn't know all that Danny and his friends did on the weekends, but he knew his half brother wasn't a lush.

in which parrish and laurie get to know each other a little better )

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