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bongiorno and welcome to cindy's nanonovel (aka the nanomess). it's all about the word count so i make no claims for quality or continuity or accuracy or lack of typos.

i suck at thinking up interests, and they're all for previous nanonovels anyway.

2002 - a love supreme (nc-17)
2003 - the minor fall and the major lift (nc-17)
2004 - unfinished fantasy about a missing prince and the hedgewitch who thinks it's her destiny to find him (possibly r, possibly pg)
2007 - untitled apocafic (pg)
2008 - the threesome story (nc-17)
2009 - mayhem (SO unfinished) (pg)
2010 - angels on ariels (nc-17)
2011 - untitled historical about seven-year-old james and his giant family (g)
2012 - they call it peace (pg-13/r)
2013 - the story of red maggie lawton, pirate queen (nc-17)
2014 - the friar and the heretic (nc-17)
2015 - magic stroking my spine (r)

those contain vampires, musicians, morticians, bookbinders, princes in disguise, hedgewitches in training, gay boys, straight girls, gay girls, straight boys, younger brothers, waiters, ninjas, dogs, cats, ghosts, questionable research, smut, a very quiet apocalypse, boys with relationship issues, lawyers, more smut, terror in greater boston, college students, rain, varying degrees of geographical accuracy, musicians, mechanics, rps, small boys, new york city, brits, the western front, more rain, trench warfare, varying degrees of historical accuracy, pirates, priests, crises of faith, friars, heretics, yet more smut, tattoos, tattoo artists, and magic.

i'm not going to flock anything, so feel free to come and go as you please. :D
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