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(also nc-17. we've clearly hit a porny part of the story. :D )

They talked off and on over the next week, but didn’t see each other until the following Saturday, when Jared knocked on Jensen’s door late at night and woke him up.

“What, I’m coming,” Jensen grumbled, stumbling into the front room and opening the door. Jared stood there, grinning. “Jared? What are you doing here?”

“I went out with Beth and Aldis,” Jared said. “They dropped me off.”

“Are you drunk?”

“A little.”

“Do you know what time it is?”


“What do you want?”

Jared leaned in towards Jensen and whispered “I want to fuck you bowlegged.”

Jensen’s cock twitched. He stepped back and ushered Jared inside, then closed the door behind him.

“We have to be quiet,” he said. “I don’t want to wake Chris.”

“I can be quiet.”

Jensen realized Jared had been staring at his mouth the whole time.

“Come here,” he said, pulling Jared close and kissing him. Jared relaxed into it, resting his hands on Jensen’s hips and leaning into him. Jensen realized he was wide awake now.

When they finally broke the kiss he pulled Jared into his room, where Jared pushed him down on the bed, flopped down next to him, half on top of him, and there was a flurry of hands and mouths as Jared attacked Jensen with kisses while fumbling with both their clothes - Jensen was easy, as he slept in shorts and a t-shirt, but Jared's jeans gave him some trouble - and Jensen had to stop him for a second to grab the strip of condoms and the lube from his bedside table. And then he grabbed Jared's hands, because he had to be sure.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

Jared looked a little confused. "Yeah, I'm sure. I did some research."


"Downloaded gay porn."

Jensen would not have imagined that that would be as hot as it was, the mental image of Jared watching porn to try and figure out what he might like, and what he and Jensen could do.

So he let go of Jared's hands, and because Jared seemed to be having a little trouble with the condom (were his hands shaking, or was that just a trick of the shadows?), Jensen took the lube, shifted onto his side a little, and tried to slick himself up. Jared was transfixed.

"Shit," he breathed.

"Well?" Jensen said. "Are you gonna fuck me or not?" His voice shook a tiny bit but he grinned to let Jared know everything was cool, he was ready.

It was a little - ok, a lot - awkward - Jared couldn't figure out where to put his hands or how to find his balance, and he couldn't get a good rhythm going, and Jensen was worried they'd wake Chris up, but they got there in the end and quicker than Jensen might have liked. But all the same, Jared's cock felt good buried inside him, and neither of them had any trouble getting off, and he wouldn't mind practicing a lot until Jared got it right.

Jared pulled out and flopped down practically on top of Jensen, his mouth seeking Jensen's, until Jensen pushed at his shoulder and whispered "Go flush the condom and then get right back here." So Jared obediently rolled out of bed, stumbled towards the bathroom, and came back. He lay down next to Jensen and they just kissed for a while, lazy, sated, sleepy kisses, both of them relaxed and maybe a little sweaty, hands in each other's hair or roaming slowly over each other's skin, until Jared's stomach rumbled.

"I'm kinda hungry," he said, a little sheepishly. "Can I raid your fridge?"

"Go ahead." Jensen watched Jared's naked ass head towards the doorway before he remembered he didn't actually live alone. "Jared!" he hissed. "Pants!" Jared blinked, then obediently looked around for his underwear, pulled it on, and left the room.

Jensen figured maybe he should follow.

Jared had his head in the fridge when Jensen walked into the kitchen.

"Dunno what I want," he said.

"A sandwich?"

"Yeah, maybe. Sure."

After some discussion Jensen made him a peanutbutter and banana sandwich, and Jared ate it leaning against the kitchen counter and staring at Jensen's mouth. He had a glass of milk, Jensen had some orange juice, and then they put the glasses in the sink and went back into the bedroom.

"I wanna fuck you again," Jared said softly, when they were both spread out on the bed. "But go slower this time. I wanna get it right."

"You were fine before," Jensen told him.

Jared grinned and kissed him. And then kissed him some more. And then drew his lips across Jensen's jaw and down his throat and down some more, stopping to lick at his nipples before continuing down the length of his body. Jensen brushed his fingers through Jared's hair and just let him do what he wanted, and then Jared came to the base of Jensen's cock, which was already half-hard, and surprised Jensen by taking the head in his mouth.

Jensen bit his lip. He tried not to push up into Jared's mouth, tried not to give Jared directions - he didn't want to make any noise, for one thing, and Jared was doing ok, all things considered - Jared was sloppy and uncoordinated and clearly inexperienced, but also clearly determined to get Jensen hard, and Jensen had to tug on his shoulders to get Jared to stop.

"Jared," he hissed. "Jared."

Jared looked up.

"Please stop. I'm gonna come. I don't want... just get up here." He pulled on Jared's shoulder again, and this time Jared got the hint, pulled off Jensen's cock, and slid up the bed.

"Was I ok?" he asked.

"I was this close to blowing, so yeah." Jensen brushed his hair back. "Your mouth, Jesus." Jared kissed him. Jensen reached down to grab Jared's cock. "I want you to fuck me with this," he murmured against Jared's mouth. "Nice and slow. Now."

Jared reached over him for the strip of condoms and then sat up, straddling Jensen's thighs, and lazily, teasingly, pulled on his cock before unwrapping a condom and rolling it on.

"Tease," Jensen whispered, grinning. Jared just grinned back, his mouth loose and lazy, then slid off Jensen's legs, spread his thighs, and squirted some lube on his fingers and pushed them in.

Jensen bit his lip again to stop from moaning - it was almost reflex by this point, this reaction to everything Jared did - and when Jared finally, slowly, pushed into Jensen's body, it was almost a relief.

Jared hadn't quite figured out the balance thing from the first try, probably because they were both tired and he had the added benefit of having been kind of drunk when he arrived at the apartment, but he managed to place his hands in such a way that he wasn't in danger of falling over - or falling on Jensen - and this time Jensen gave him a few murmured directions and he went slower, maybe a little calmer, actually finding a rhythm and more or less stickig to it, and it felt just as good, just as right.

Jensen listened to their breathing, Jared's soft grunts and the quiet moans escaping from between his lip and his teeth, and he reached up to stroke Jared's cheek and Jared dropped his head and kissed the corner of his mouth, needy and distracted, and "Jensen," he murmured against Jensen's lips, "Jensen, Jensen," over and over until he lifted his head, sat up, and wrapped his hand around Jensen's cock, unexpectedly jerking him off.

Jensen's back arched and he bit back a groan as he shot over Jared's hand. Jared looked a little stunned.

"Your turn," Jensen whispered, and now Jared let himself go, fucking Jensen faster, losing his rhythm, groaning as he came. He seemed to hang there, leaning over Jensen, for a long time before finally letting himself fall forward onto Jensen's chest.

"Wow," he mumbled into Jensen's shoulder.

"Yeah." Jensen brushed his hand over Jared's hair. "That was good. You're getting it. We'll practice." He had to grin. Practice makes perfect, they said, and what better thing to practice than sex? Especially with someone who was just as interested as you were.

"Practice." Jared chuckled.

"You think?" Jensen tilted his head. "Hey. Jared."


"Look at me for a sec." Jared lifted his head. He looked sweaty and tired and well-fucked and satisfied. He smiled sleepily.

"I liked that," he murmured. "I like you."

"I know. I like you too."

"You're pretty hot."

"Are you still drunk?"

"No, no, I'm sober. Just really tired. Wore out." He kissed Jensen lightly, no more than a brush of lips against lips. "You wear me out."

"I think you'll find that you wore me out." Jensen yawned. "I think Chris is working tomorrow - after he leaves we can fuck some more."

"Yeah. I wanna be on the bottom, tho. Wanna look up and see you." Jared's words were starting to slur together.

"I think we can do that." Jensen stroked the side of his face. "I love fucking you. I love kissing you. I can't believe you went down on me."

"I can."

"Jared," Jensen whispered.


"I'm glad you came over." I'm glad you made a move. I'm glad you seem to want me as much as I want you. I'm glad chasing you wasn't a mistake.

I'm glad you let me catch you.

"Me too." Jared snuggled against him. "I'm kinda cold now, what?"

"Shove over a minute." Jared rolled off the bed, apparently by mistake if his startled expression was any judge, and when Jensen had wriggled under the covers, Jared joined him. "Ok, better."

Jared spooned up against him, rested his cheek against Jensen's shoulder, and almost immediately started snoring. Jensen laced their fingers together. This was good. It was more than good. Jared coming to him seemed like some kind of sign that Jensen hadn't been wrong when he thought maybe Jared could be interested in guys, and more accurately, that Jared could learn to be interested in him.

As for what this made them, and what they did next, they could discuss it in the morning. Or they could just have sex again and go out for breakfast like they had last week, and talk much later.

Jensen woke first, unsurprisingly, but he didn’t want to wake Jared up – he wanted to pee and he wanted some coffee – so he eased himself out from under Jared’s arm, went to the bathroom, and then went into the kitchen, where coffee had already been made and Chris was sitting at the table drinking a cup and reading the neighbors’ newspaper.

(Jensen knew it was the neighbors’ paper because he and Chris didn’t have a subscription, and the neighbors were out of town.)

“Your boy still asleep?” Chris asked, looking up and quirking a grin at Jensen.

Jensen flopped down into a chair. “He’s not my boy.”

“He came over at one-thirty just to fuck you, Jen. What else does that make him?”

“Oh shit, did we wake you up?”

“Nah. I just heard the knocking and then went back to sleep. Don’t worry about it.” Chris looked at him consideringly. “So you really think this is going to work? You and the kid. Guess you were right about one thing – he’s not that straight after all.”

“Can I say ‘I told you so’? Because Chris, man, I told you so.”

“You still owe me two nights of karaoke.” Chris sipped his coffee serenely, then looked over the rim of the cup at Jensen. “I gotta go in about half an hour, and then you can make all the noise you want. Coffee should still be hot.” He waved his cup at the coffeemaker. Jensen got up and poured some for him and some for Jared, but didn’t know how Jared drank it. He hadn’t really paid attention any of the times they’d had coffee together.

“You’re a good friend,” he told Chris.

“I know,” Chris said to his paper. “Go wake him up. Be a good host.”

Jensen took the cups of coffee into his room, where Jared was now lying on his stomach and snoring faintly into the pillow. Jensen put the cups on the bedside table and shook Jared’s shoulder until he woke up.

“How do you feel?” he asked. “I brought you coffee.” He handed Jared a cup. Jared yawned, scrubbed his fingers through his hair, and pushed himself up so he was sitting with his back to the wall. He took a cup and sniffed it. “I didn’t know how you liked it, so it’s black.”

“Lots of sugar, some milk.” Jared yawned.

“Hang on.” Jensen took the cup back, brought it into the kitchen, added milk and sugar, and went back to his room and handed it over. Jared sipped it. “Ok?”

“Yeah, it’s good.”

Jensen took his cup and sat cross-legged on the other side of the bed. He couldn’t help smiling at Jared, who looked really cute with his messy bedhead, hair in his face and his still-half-asleep expression. Jared yawned.

“Did you really download gay porn?” Jensen asked.

“Uh-huh. Some of it’s really hot and some of it’s really terrible. I had to turn the sound off so I couldn’t hear the dialogue. I found some erotica, too. The written stuff.”


“Same thing, though – some of it’s really good – well-written, good stories, really hot sex – and some of it’s just really bad. You wouldn’t believe what gets published.”

“I probably would. It doesn’t surprise me you found the hot reading material.”

“I’m just a walking library.” Jared grinned, then yawned again. “Jesus, I’m tired.”

“How’re you feeling otherwise?”

“You mean am I hung over? No, I’m good. Just tired. I could go back to sleep.”

“Well, you did fuck me twice in less than an hour last night. That’ll take it out of anyone.”

“Yeah... it was pretty good, wasn’t it.” Jared grinned slowly, suggestively. “Did you say we could practice, or did I dream that? ‘Cause that was right before I fell asleep.”

“I said that.” Now it was Jensen’s turn to grin. “Do you remember telling me you wanted me to fuck you in the morning?” Jared nodded. “Chris is leaving in about twenty minutes – think you can hold out until then?”

“Can I go back to sleep and you can wake me up?”

“Not a fucking chance. Finish your coffee. I’ll make you some cereal or something so you don’t starve in the meantime.”

So they both finished their coffee and Jared put on some clothes and Jensen made him breakfast – Chris had gotten in the shower by this point – and then they waited for Chris to leave before spreading out on Jensen’s bed and having sex again. Neither of them was a whole lot louder than they’d been the night before, because Jensen still had neighbors, but they kissed and touched and stroked and finally Jared rolled onto his back and Jensen fucked him nice and slow, and it was both easier and better than it had been the first time, and Jensen was pretty sure that yes, this was going to work.

He wondered idly if it was because they’d started out as friends, so Jared was already comfortable with him by the time Jensen made a move. He wondered if he’d just brought out Jared’s latent queerness. He wondered if it really mattered. He figured it didn’t.

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