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After that it was like a dam breaking. They spent weekends together and every weeknight they could, allowing for Jensen having to be at the coffeeshop early and Chris being home and Jensen or Jared having something to do at night. They started learning about the things they liked to do with and to each other – Jared loved sucking Jensen’s cock and really liked being rimmed, which was a mixed blessing for Jensen, who loved getting blown as much as the next guy but had never been a huge fan of rimming. But if it got Jared off, he’d do it. They learned (well, it was new to Jensen) that sex made Jared hungry. Jared learned that Jensen wasn't demonstrative in public. Jensen learned that Jared liked to cuddle. They tried out different positions and locations, and after a few weeks of experimentation they’d had sex in both beds, of course, on both couches, in Jensen’s shower, on Jensen’s kitchen floor and against the counter, on Jared’s living room floor, standing up, on hands and knees, even in Jared’s bathtub, which was awkward and got water all over the floor, but at least they could say they’d done it.

Jared was a little surprised at how interested he was in fucking another guy, now that he’d done it, and he tried to make it make sense to himself by saying it wasn’t that he liked sex with guys, he just liked sex with Jensen, like it was just a natural outgrowth of the time they’d spent together becoming friends, and how comfortable they were with each other. But he couldn’t forget Milo, and after a couple weeks of spending time with Jensen – kissing and fucking and sucking and trying different things and not really talking about what it meant, but talking about almost everything else – he realized that maybe, possibly, he really was bi, because he really was involved with another guy.

A couple weeks seemed too early to start calling Jensen his boyfriend, but he was starting to feel as if they were. They spent time together like boyfriends did, and of course they fooled around and had sex like boyfriends did – although not every occasion they were together ended in sex – and part of him thought maybe they could even fall in love like boyfriends did. It was too early for that last part, although Jared liked Jensen an awful lot, and was sure Jensen liked him an awful lot too.

So Jared was a little confused at what it all might mean, although not so confused that it kept him from enjoying Jensen’s company, and he really wished he could talk to Misha, because he knew Misha could help him think it through. Now that his (previously theoretical) relationship with a guy was a reality, he started to think maybe he’d have to tell people, if he wanted Jensen involved in his life outside the bedroom. And he really wanted Jensen involved in his life outside the bedroom. When Jared had a girlfriend, he wanted all his friends to meet her and like her as much as he did, and Jensen was no different.

He couldn’t talk to Misha, as Misha seemed to be in Tibet or somewhere, or maybe still in India, but in any case too far away for a long involved discussion. But he could broach the subject with someone else, and he thought he could trust Aldis to be his guinea pig. Jared didn’t know any other gay boys, at least no one he knew was gay and knew well enough to talk to, but Aldis was a black guy with a white girlfriend, and while Jared didn’t know if telling your folks about that was the same as coming out to them, it was the closest situation he could think of. And he was pretty sure Aldis wouldn’t care if he was bi or not.

“Can I talk to you about something when you get a break?” he asked Aldis at the garage one day, about three weeks after he and Jensen first got together.

“Sure, yeah, about what?” Aldis said.

“Stuff. Whenever you get a chance.”

So when Aldis got a break, he leaned over Jared’s shoulder where Jared was working on a Dodge Ram engine, and said “I got fifteen minutes, what’s your need?”

There weren't a lot of places in the garage where they could really find some privacy - Jim's office was out, obviously, and the little break room where they kept their stuff when they were on shift was also home to drinks and snacks and sometimes things that people needed during the course of their day, and there was no guarantee that Tom or Katie wouldn't barge in while Jared was baring his soul.

But for fifteen minutes and with the door closed, he figured he could risk it. And if either one of them did come in, he'd either scar Tom for life or give Katie more fodder for teasing. He was pretty sure she had an idea about him and Jensen anyway.

"So... what?" Aldis asked. "Why did you have to close the door?"

"What did your parents say when you told them you were dating Beth?"

"My mom wanted to know if she could cook. Why?"

"I mean, how did they react when they found out she was white?"

"Mom wanted to know if she could cook. She was just concerned about me finding a nice girl who would put up with me. The color of the girl in question was less important. It took Dad a little longer to come around, though." Aldis quirked an eyebrow. "Are you dating a black girl?"

"No. I'mdatingaguy." He said it so quickly it sounded like one word. Aldis' eyebrow rose a little higher towards his hairline.

"You're what?"


"Now that sounds like you said you're dating a guy."


"Jared, man, spit it out. Are you coming out of the closet?"

"Sort of. I guess." Aldis made a gesture that seemed to translate into "Well, come on, tell me the rest" and looked at Jared with an expression of utmost patience. Jared took a deep mental breath. "My friend Jensen. We're... I guess we're dating. I like him a lot. I mean, Aldis, I like him a lot. I think this makes me bi."

"That's it?" Aldis looked kind of unimpressed. Jared wasn't sure how to interpret that.

"That's not enough?"

"I don't care who you fuck. You think it should bother me? Beth's got lots of queer friends. Whether I like them or not doesn't have anything to do with their sex lives. Well, there's the one guy who - literally - I think blows goats, but it's always possible he's just yanking my chain. I don't give a shit, man, seriously. Do you like the guy?"


"Does he like you?"

"Yeah." It seemed a safe bet, what with all the time they'd spent together, and the fact that Jensen had come on to him first.

"So ok. You got a boyfriend." Well, Jared wouldn't necessarily call him that. "Welcome to the club of the currently attached." He grabbed Jared's hand and shook it. "Nice to have ya."

That was a lot easier than Jared was expecting, although he really hadn't thought Aldis would have a huge problem with it. He still had no idea what to tell his parents, when the time came to tell them - because the time would come - but at least he felt a little better about telling his friends.

"Don't tell anyone, though, ok?" he asked Aldis. "It's my news, you know?"

"No problem." Aldis zipped his fingers across his lips and pretended to turn a key and toss it over his shoulder. "Lips sealed. Can I tell Beth? She thinks you have a crush on the guy anyway."

"I guess, yeah. Just don't tell Katie."

"Oh man, she'll figure it out by osmosis."

She did not, in fact, figure it out by osmosis. Jared told her the next day. He was pretty sure her surprised and delighted shriek could be heard in Memphis. Tom didn't seem sure what to do with the information that Jared was involved with another guy, but he also didn't seem too bothered, so Jared considered it a win. And Jim just wanted to make sure it wouldn't affect his work.

Jared told Sandy in person, and Alexis and Chad over the phone, and he emailed Misha, and he was completely clueless about how to tell his parents. But everyone he told, he swore to secrecy, so he wasn't worried about his parents or his brother or sister finding out from someone else. For once he was glad he lived so far away - he could lie or at least avoid the topic on the phone, and he wouldn't have to worry about running into them at the store or when he and Jensen were out somewhere, and he wouldn't have to worry about his mom dropping by the house unannounced and catching them together.

He'd tell them eventually. They were his parents and they loved and supported him, and the more he thought about it, the more he thought they'd be ok with it. He just needed to figure out the best way to approach it, and the best time.

Jensen wanted to know why Jared hadn't asked him for advice, because he'd been through this before, but Jared had no answer for him.

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Date: 2010-11-24 03:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wrenlet.livejournal.com
"Now that sounds like you said you're dating a guy."

I can HEAR HIM IN MY HEAD saying this *giggles and giggles*

Date: 2010-11-24 07:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] smackenzie.livejournal.com
yay! in my head, he sounds kind of like hardison right there.


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