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And besides, he was hungry, and in a lot of situations, food trumped all.

Jensen looked a little surprised at his offer, but then shrugged and said agreeably "Yeah, sure, I could eat. Do you know anywhere to go, or should we just wing it?"

"Uh." Jared thought. He realized they couldn't go that far for lunch because eventually Beth and Aldis would have to take him home, but he'd noted some places to eat on the drive over and while Beth was trying to find a parking spot, so they could probably just walk in any direction and find something.

He looked around for Aldis or Beth, couldn't see either of them, and then decided he'd just call them in a little while to see if they were ready to leave. He had a sneaking suspicion that the answer would be "No".

He and Jensen left the gallery and wandered up the street )

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(mad donna's, the ice cream shop, the belcourt)
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Sundays, as far as Jared was concerned, were for two things: sleeping late and tinkering with his bikes. And sometime mowing the lawn. Or running all the errands he didn't have time to run during the week or on Saturday. Or going to the grocery store. Or calling his mom.

(She checked her email regularly, as did Jared's dad, but she still liked for him to call. He'd put the dogs on the phone so she could say hi to them and they could bark at her and try to lick it.)

This Sunday was apparently for sleeping late but also for waiting on Aldis and Beth to come get him and take him to Beth's friend's art show. He knew they were picking him up to guarantee that he actually went.

"Tom said he'd go," Aldis had said over the phone that morning, when he called to make sure Jared was actually awake. "He even said he'd bring Mike."

Katie's gonna wish she came )

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(this is Jared's t-shirt, altho I made his short-sleeved and without the black collar.)
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"Chris was here, he had a band already, he knew some people. And his roommate was moving out, so I wouldn't even have to find a place to live. That was too coincidental to pass up."

"Did you always want to be a singer and a musician?"

"Yes and no." Matt looked at him quizzically and Jensen tried to think how to phrase what he wanted to say, and what did he want to say, anyway? "I sang in the church choir from when I seven to when I went to college, I sang in the chorus in middle and high school, I joined an acapella group in college.... I have a good voice and my grandma used to tell me when I was little that god had given me this gift, and it would be a sin not to use it." He shrugged. He'd believed in hell when he was seven, and his grandma's words were as threatening as they were encouraging. He didn't believe in hell any more, but part of him still thought he should take advantage of the fact that he'd been blessed with a good ear and a better voice.

"I met Chris my freshman year of high school," he went on, "when his family moved to Dallas. That's where I'm originally from."

I guessed, Matt said, grinning a little. )

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Jensen had to work a few hours on Saturday (which meant he had to listen to Joe extol the virtues of his friend who had the gallery opening on Sunday, until Nicki pointed out that if he kept nagging, no one would go), but he managed to get home in time to shower, shave, change his clothes, and then change them again when Chris looked him over and asked "Are you really going to wear that?" Under other circumstances Jensen might have thought that was funny, since Chris had never been much of a fashion plate, but now he was just annoyed.

You look like you're going to play golf )

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(the little hole-in-the-wall japanese place. and i still need a good jensen icon. >.< )
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Jensen half expected to freak out at the thought of planning a second date before they'd even gone on the first one, but all he really felt was a little bit of anticipation. He figured that was a good sign. He knew Danneel would think it was.

They walked back into the coffeeshop just as she was walking out.

"I got paged," she huffed. "I knew it was going to happen. One of the attendings has it in for me."

"That sucks," Jensen said sympathetically.

"The thing that kills me is that I can't even complain. I signed up for this." She sighs. "So did you chat? Is everything cool?"

"Everything's cool," Matt told her. "We have a plan."

And no, we're not going to tell you all about it )

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note: this is a portafilter. i had to google "espresso machine parts" to learn what it was called.
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(note: i'm going to try past tense and see how it goes. this time the sudden tense shift is deliberate! :D also i think this is the same day as the previous bit.)

Jensen was in the hardware store - the toilet in his and Chris' apartment kept running and they'd decided to try and fix it themselves - when Danneel called him and asked if he was interested in being set up with one of her friends. Although technically she didn't ask, but rather said "I'm going to set you up with my friend Matt - you're both cute, dorky, and single - when are you working so I can introduce you?" And Jensen was taken aback enough to tell her he was off today but was in tomorrow morning and afternoon, and ok, sure, he'd meet this guy.

It occurred to him as he waited for the cashier to ring up his (hopefully) toilet-fixing bits and pieces that he hadn't been on a real date since, well, since Danneel asked him out. She later admitted she'd asked partly because she felt bad for him, being a new guy in an unfamiliar city, and partly because she thought he was hot and she wanted an excuse to spend time with him outside the coffeeshop for a couple of hours to see if he really was good boyfriend material. They'd only gone on the one date, but since Jensen hadn't been hugely emotionally invested in finding a partner at that point, and Danneel realized she didn't exactly have a lot of spare time to devote to a new relationship, they'd decided being friends was better.

I might still think about you when I'm alone with Bob )

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There’s a girl locked in the bathroom at the coffeeshop.

That’s the first thing Jensen learns when he shows up for work – that a girl has barricaded herself in the bathroom and this has come to the staff’s attention courtesy of some poor customer who’s had to pee for half an hour.

Alona's trying to talk to her, Justin says )

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(eventually i'll have a jensen icon....)


Nov. 1st, 2010 01:13 am
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Jared Padalecki left San Antonio four years ago with a used Ford pickup, three suitcases, and two boxes of books. He moved in with his friend Milo, a guy he'd known since they were twelve, and two of Milo's friends. He got a job at a garage. He haunted online forums and message boards dedicated to restoring and riding old motorcycles. He pined after new Harley-Davidsons and old Triumphs. He bought a secondhand Nintendo. He missed his dogs. He went on three dates with a really cute girl named Sandy, who had been a camp counselor with his friend Alexis three years running. (When he told Alexis he was moving to Nashville, the first words out of her mouth - even before "I'll miss you" and "Why Nashville" - were "My friend Sandy is going to school there! You should meet her and hang out." And it was hard for him to say no to Alexis, so when she said "Call Sandy", he did.) The dating didn't take, but he and Sandy became friends.

After a year Jared and Milo had a falling-out )

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