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Nov. 18th, 2016 12:41 am
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The new year brought some pleasant surprises - Carroll got a gallery show and decided to hang some of his naked photos, including the one of Sadie. Victor met a nice boy ("A lapsed Protestant," he said, "bur we do have some things in common"). Roman decided he'd rather direct an all-female Hamlet than write one, and cast Gigi in the lead. Gigi took up a collection and used the money people gave her to pay off the balance of Sadie's sewing machine. Marianna's husband came home ("She's married?" Sadie demanded of Gigi, when she heard, and Gigi just shrugged and said "He's in the merchant marine") and Addy took to moping around because she couldn't use Marianna's studio to paint. Leo asked Sadie out to a movie, a Sunday matinee.

And Rose got engaged.

Sadie couldn't meet her and Ida for weekday lunches any more, now that she worked in Brooklyn, but she would meet them occasionally for dinner during the week, or lunch on Sundays. (More than once she'd shown up a little hungover and on very little sleep, but the twins had finally stopped commenting on her social life.) Rose dropped the news at dinner, and even though Sadie felt more and more removed from them, and they no doubt felt more and more removed from her, she was still excited for Rose, because this was what Rose wanted.

"Will you be in the wedding?" Rose asked. "I know we don't talk much any more, but I wouldn't have met Adam if I hadn't come to New York with you. All my sisters will be bridesmaids, of course - "

"And maid of honor," Ida interrupted.

"I'll ask Henny too. That's five bridesmaids. Adam has a sister, that's six. We're getting married back home," she told Sadie, "in March."

"March?" Sadie repeated. That was just a month and a half. She squinted at Rose, wondering if she and Mr Rockland were getting married in a hurry because they had to. They hadn't known each other that long. Although Sadie's Aunt Minnie told her once that her parents had only known each other five months when they got engaged, and they were married two months later. And Sadie knew they hadn't had to rush into it, because Henry didn't show up for almost a year.

"Adam wants to marry me as soon as possible." It was only because Sadie had known Rose since they were five that she could tell the smugness was unintentional.

Now Sadie wondered if Adam was in a hurry to marry so he could start sleeping with his girl sooner rather than later. But that was unfair - she didn't know him and it was just as possible that he was so smitten that he wanted to make Rose his wife almost immediately.

She was being ungenerous, and she was genuinely happy for Rose. But March? Could she make a bridesmaid's dress in time?

And she'd have to see her parents.

"You don't want to see them?" Alistair asked a couple of nights later. Sadie had baked a chicken for dinner, but when Gigi didn't come home to eat - she was rehearsing Hamlet - Sadie took some of the leftovers upstairs.

"I don't think they want to see me. They don't approve of anything I've done."

"And yet you still did it."

"I wanted to. I don't want to be like Rose - I want more for myself than just to get married and make a household for my husband." She sighed. "It's still hard. They're my parents. I want to think I have their support."

They were both silent. Sadie was sitting on the bed watching Alistair eat, and he'd cleared off a space on his desk so he could put the plate down. He didn't seem to care that she was watching him.

"Well," she finally said, "what's the worst thing that can happen? They'll tell me I'm breaking my grandmother's heart. My mother will remind me that she and my father want grandchildren. They'll tell me they worry about me. They'll try and give me guilt. But they can't make me stay."

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