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Nov. 7th, 2016 10:28 pm
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"You're doing what?" Ida demanded, after Sadie got back to the residential hotel and told her about Gigi's apartment. "You can't do that!"

"You sound like Rose," Sadie said. "Why not? I have a job, I'm making my own money, I've seen the place, I met some of the neighbors, I like Gigi and she likes me, and I miss having my own kitchen. You and Rose aren't going to find an apartment with me."

"How do you know? You never asked."

"Do you want to find an apartment together?"

"I don't know."

Sadie resisted the urge to roll her eyes, but to be honest she was expecting this kind of reaction. She hadn't known Gigi that long, and for all anyone knew, moving in with her was a prelude to white slavery and bootleg gin and premarital sex.

Well, Rose and Ida and Sadie had all been to a few speakeasies and jazz clubs already, and neither of the twins had objected, so that at least wasn't going to be a problem. Sadie currently had no plans to sleep with anyone before she was married, and she highly doubted Gigi was a white slaver, and other than that, what did she care what people did with their time? She liked Gigi, she liked the apartment, she liked the little she'd seen of the Village, and she wanted more of her independence than she had at the residential hotel.

"Rose is going to be appalled," Ida went on.

"I'm surprised she's not back yet." It was after nine.

"I'm not. She'll want to get as much time with her date as she can before curfew."

Rose got back just before ten, flushed and giggly and so excited that Sadie didn't have the heart to tell her she was moving out of the residential hotel.

Rose and Mr Rockland had gone to dinner at a supper club, where there was no liquor (Rose was disappointed that they couldn't have champagne, but Mr Rockland had said they'd go somewhere else next time so she could order it) but there was dancing. Not only was she appropriately dressed, but Mr Rockland had complimented her - "He said I was pretty!" - and asked her out for Sunday, for lunch and a movie.

Sadie was genuinely happy for her, not least because this was why Rose had come to the city with her - to find a Jewish husband with a good job. One date did not a fiancé make, but he sounded promising.

"I can't go shopping for another dress, though," Rose sighed. "I'll have to either find something or borrow it."

"We'll help," Sadie said.

"Does he have a friend?" Ida asked, more teasing than serious, and Rose giggled and said maybe, she didn't know.

They went to a movie again on Friday and spent some time just walking around in the brightly-lit urban evening, enjoying being in the big city but none of them really wanting to spend any more money in it just yet. Sadie mentioned that Gigi had invited her out on Saturday and asked her to bring Rose and Ida too. Rose was dubious, but knowing what she did about Sadie's future plans with this girl, Ida was curious.

"She'll meet us here at nine," Sadie said, "and we'll go to dinner and a jazz club down in the Village."

Rose looked even more dubious.

"We should go, Rose," Ida said to her. "Sadie's moving in with her in a week."

"What?" Rose practically shrieked. "When were you going to tell me?"

Sadie shot Ida an annoyed look. "Last night, but you had such a good time on your date I didn't want to ruin your evening."

"Well you ruined it now." Rose had stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, too shocked at the revelation to keep walking. "Why? Don't you love us?"

"Of course I do! But I miss having my own kitchen. I don't like having a curfew. We're not fourteen. We're old enough to be allowed to manage our own time."

"So you're moving in with someone you've known, what, a week? Two?"

"Yes. Yes, I am." Sadie felt herself standing up straighter without even thinking.

"Your parents aren't going to let you."

"My parents aren't here."

"What if they say no?"

"Then they say no."

"And you'll still do it?" Ida asked.


Rose threw up her hands. "What are we going to do with you?"

"You'll wish me well and come visit me."

"You'll come to a bad end." Rose looked very serious, but at least she wasn't wagging her finger at Sadie like a teacher scolding a naughty student.

But Sadie wasn't going to change her mind. She'd have her own kitchen again and room for a sewing machine (well, she might have room - the bedroom that was going to be hers was small, but so was the bed, and a portable machine on a desk would fit), and most importantly, she'd be able to be her own person in a way that she hadn't yet.

Rose and Ida still wanted to go out with her and Gigi and whichever of Gigi's friends wanted to come along. At nine sharp Gigi called up from the lobby, and when Sadie and Ida and Rose trooped downstairs in their party dresses and dancing shoes, they were met by Gigi and Victor and a young man in pale yellow pants and a sweater vest who introduced himself as Roman and who turned out to be in Gigi's play. He was also, he said, a director, playwright, and costume designer.

"He's cute," Ida whispered to Sadie, as they went outside to get a taxi. "But I don't think he's one of us."

Sadie knew what Ida meant - he wasn't Jewish - but it sounded almost like an insult, as if she were saying that Roman wasn't good people, didn't have any class, wasn't worth associating with. Sadie didn't know him and so couldn't say what he was like, but he was Gigi's friend and Sadie was going to trust her.

Besides, the friends that she'd met so far she'd liked.

Gigi took them to the Pepper Pot, which was heaving with people upstairs and down, and because it was a nice night out the windows were open and they could hear the music halfway down the street.

"The neighbors must love this," Rose said.

"It's perfect for night owls and people who work the night shift," Victor told her. "And you can dance in the street."

Gigi grabbed Sadie's hands and demonstrated, but after they knocked into Ida once and Roman twice, Sadie insisted they stop.

The six of them managed to squeeze around a table in the Pepper Pot and as soon as Sadie looked at the menu she remembered how expensive it was and realized the twins were going to be upset.

But neither of them said a word about the prices, although neither of them ate much either, and they chatted and were friendly and social and, in Ida's case, even a little flirty. That was unexpected.

Carroll appeared over Victor's shoulder, announced that Layla had found a friend and already vanished, and suggested a club for when they were finished with dinner. Roman waved him off.

"We're going upstairs to dance," he said.

"There's a floor at the Black Cat too," Carroll said. "Will you dance with me?" he asked Ida.

"Yes," Gigi answered for her. "Let's go to Carroll's place, Roman. If it isn't good we'll come back here."

"We have to be back at midnight," Rose said.

"Midnight!" Victor repeated. "What unevolved schoolmarm dictated that?"

"It's the rule at the residential hotel. Curfew is ten during the week. They're protecting our virtue."

Carroll and Roman snorted with laughter. Since Carroll was still leaning over Victor's shoulder, this made Victor swat him on the side of the head. "You can lose your virtue just as easily at noon as you can after midnight," Roman said.

"It's only ten-thirty," Gigi told Rose. "We'll pay and leave."

The Black Cat was down an alley and required a secret knock, which of course Carroll knew. It reminded Sadie of Lucy's, the club Gigi had taken her the night they met. The Black Cat was dim and smoky and crowded, but there was a decent dance floor and a decent jazz combo, and while Ida and Rose held down the table and Victor acquired drinks, Sadie let Gigi drag her onto the floor to dance.

Midnight came and went and it was nearly one by the time any of the girls realized what time it was. Rose was terrified that they'd be kicked out of the residential hotel for breaking curfew, but Sadie just laughed and said she'd already had to sneak in once before, it was no problem.

They were caught, of course, and when the matron threatened to write them up, Sadie announced that she was moving out in a week, she didn't care. So of course the matron wrote her up and threatened to contact her parents, which meant that Sadie had to call home on Sunday and tell her parents of her plans.

They argued with her and told her she was going to shame them and embarrass them and how was she going to meet a nice Jewish boy when she was living with anarchists and radicals and free-love enthusiasts? They were her parents and she loved them and didn't want to hurt them, but Sadie's taste of independent city living had only made her want more.

She told her parents they didn't have to approve and they didn't even have to support her, but she had to do this for herself or she'd always wonder if she'd missed out on something. She needed to try to live on her own terms and make her own way. She just wanted them to know where she was, in case there was an emergency and they needed to find her.

They didn't disown her and they didn't threaten to come down to New York and take her home, but they didn't approve and they weren't going to. She was going to be alone in the big city, away from her family and no longer living with girls they knew. They couldn't in good conscience support her moving in with a stranger.

"At least I have a roommate," she said. "I'm not living by myself."

Her sister thought it was a great adventure and wanted to come visit. Sadie said she could once everything was settled.

She gave her boss at the import/export firm her new address, she told the employment agency that had gotten her the job that she was moving, and she told the residential hotel. The manager tried to talk her out of it. Nothing took.

Frances was cautiously excited for her. Sadie invited her and her boyfriend for dinner one night. She invited the twins, of course, and said even Mr Rockland could come. (Rose had had a very pleasant date with him on Sunday, with lunch and a movie, and she announced that he had been a perfect gentleman even when the lights went down in the movie theater and the couple behind them started necking.)

On Saturday she packed her bags and took a taxi to Gigi's apartment - now her apartment - and officially moved in.

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