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If you had told Jared when he moved to Nashville with his three suitcases, his two boxes of books, and his pickup, that in less that five years he'd own three motorcycles and his own house, and that he'd be throwing a Christmas party with his boyfriend, he'd have asked when you lost your mind and how hard were you looking for it? And yet here he was in his own living room for which he paid a mortgage, his three motorcycles parked in the garage, his two dogs losing their shit in anticipation, and his boyfriend walking in the front door with a six-pack of Lone Star and a carton of rainbow sherbet.

He'd wanted to have a Christmas party, since he had a house to host it in and a boyfriend to help him, but Christmas being on a Saturday messed with his plans a little - Katie and her roommates were having a party the weekend before, and he couldn't do it the weekend after - and it was his mom's idea to just have an open house on Sunday.

(And then, of course, she had to share all the tips and tricks she could for feeding an unknown number of people for an unknown length of time. Jensen laughed at his obsessive planning, but Jared wanted everything to be right.)

The house wasn't exactly clean, although he and Jensen had done a pretty decent job picking up after themselves, but Jared hoped everyone would be too interested in the food and drink and company - and his and Jensen's ridiculously-decorated tree - to care.

Because it was in fact a joint party, which meant not only everyone local who Jared knew, but everyone Jensen knew as well. A surprisingly high number of people were in town, and they started showing up at noon and kept a fairly steady flow in and out for pretty much the entire day. The invitations had said "Doors open at noon and close whenever we run out of food", after all, and if there was one thing Jared was comfortable with, it was lots of food.

Everyone from the garage made an appearance, even Tom's friend Mike. Jim brought his daughter, who was initially a little freaked out by the dogs but adjusted to them fairly quickly. Misha had come back from his world tour in November, and brought his wife - "When did you get married?" Jared asked, because last he knew, she was just Misha's girlfriend, and Misha laughed and said "Two weeks ago, it was crazy", and then proceeded to explain exactly how much of a pain in the ass it was to get married at the Grand Canyon at sunrise. Jared was pretty sure that most of the story was even true.

Sandy brought Johnny because they had tickets with some other people for The Nutcracker that night, and she figured he could just squire her around as her date the whole day. And it turned out that Tony, Jared's friend who sold him the Triumph, had to be in Memphis on New Year's Eve for his niece's wedding - technically she was his ex-wife's niece, but he'd stayed in touch with some of his ex's family after she became his ex - and when he mentioned he'd be in almost the same part of the state, Jared had invited him to the open house. He hadn't really expected Tony to come, and was thus kind of surprised when Tony did.

Tony brought a friend, a guy named Jason who could've been a business friend, a social friend, or (because Jared's mind was bending that way because of his own relationship) a boyfriend, and in any case they spent a lot of time in the garage examining the Triumph and the Ariel and talking to an Australian guy named Simon about bikes and Glasgow and, oddly enough, sailboating.

(Simon had shown up with Matt, who Jared would always think of as "the guy Jensen dumped for me". Jensen and Matt had become friends. And now Matt was dating a hot Aussie who liked old motorcycles. Jared was sure there was a cosmic joke in there somewhere.)

Almost everyone from Jensen's coffeeshop came by as their schedules allowed - Jensen's manager Nicki was out of town, and Joe (who Jared had met before) went straight home after his shift because he'd opened and was too tired to be social - and Jared actually got to meet Jensen's uberboss Sam, the woman who owned the place. Justin, who Jensen referred to as "the klutz", vanished for twenty minutes and was finally discovered in the back yard, talking to his girlfriend on his phone. She lived in New York. They almost never got to see each other. Jared wondered what was the point. When he asked Jensen, Jensen just shrugged and said he'd always wondered that too.

Jared went into the bedroom for something and interrupted Alona, apparently the one blonde barista, who was talking on her phone in some language he couldn't immediately identify. ("Hebrew," Jensen told him later. "She was born in Israel." And Jared allowed as how he didn't know her that well at all but he liked her - she was cute and bouncy and reminded him of Sandy, and because she was also a singer/songwriter and a musician, she and Jensen could talk shop and commiserate when necessary, and Jared was glad Jensen had friends who understood that part of his life.) The next time he saw her, she was standing with Sandy and Johnny, talking animatedly about something or other, and when she had to leave, she kissed both Jensen and Jared on the cheek.

Unsurprisingly, the dogs loved her. But in truth, the dogs loved pretty much everyone.

The rest of Oklahoma Ford showed up, plus Jason-who-Jensen-had-replaced and his wife, and a short guy named Seth who turned out to be the studio dude who still occasionally called Jensen up for a few hours of studio work, even though Jensen had been an official member of Oklahoma Ford since they got back from their tour in September, and didn't have tons of free time for random studio jobs.

(Jared and Jensen never talked about the tour. Not with each other, and not with other people.)

Jared got to meet Jensen's friend Danneel for about the fifth time - every time they met she pretended not to know him, which confused him and annoyed Jensen but apparently kept her amused. Even Jeff and Hilarie came, although it would be more accurate to say that Jeff and the dogs walked Hilarie down the street to the house, and she went inside while he stayed on the sidewalk and talked to Jensen for ten minutes before going back home.

And Jared walked around his house, occasionally stepping outside to check the front or the back yard, every so often sticking his head in the garage, talking to everyone, being a good host, making sure everyone was eating and drinking and chatting and the dogs weren't pestering them too much, and just in general reveling in the fact that he had his own house where he could have all his friends over, and his boyfriend could have all his friends over, and everyone could just hang out and have a good time.

He lost Jensen for over an hour at one point, although it wasn't that he lost him so much as he just let him wander off. Jared knew that Jensen didn't love huge crowds of people, even when he had at least met a lot of them, and he was happier standing in a corner, or on the sidewalk, or right outside the back door, chatting with just a couple of people rather than a big group. Jared loved that there were all these folks he knew filling up his house, but he knew that Jensen didn't, and if it made Jensen feel better to hide in the garage and talk to Aldis about rock bands from the 70s, Jared wasn't going to bother him.

Jared was really amused to find himself trading nerdy babble with Matt, who bent Jared's ear for twenty minutes about art forgeries and in exchange let Jared bend his ear about Henry Ford.

("I can see why you like him," he told Jensen later. "He's a smart guy. Really cute. Kinda dorky. Bet I give better blowjobs, though." He grinned, and Jensen laughed.)

The dogs were initially beside themselves with glee at all the people to sniff and beg treats from, but after a few hours of nonstop people in their house, they started getting cranky and Jared put them in the bedroom. They weren't best pleased with that either, but he petted them and talked to them and gave them both some cheese, and eventually they settled down. And then five minutes later he had to stop one of Jensen's fellow baristas - Jared thought the kid's name was Anton - from going into the room and undoing all his work.

It was a long day but a good one, and after everyone had left, and Jensen and Jared tried to clean up some, and after they'd walked the dogs down the street to Jeff and Hilarie's to drop off a late Christmas present for them and Jeff's dogs, and after they came home and shed their clothes all over the house, and after they locked Sadie and Harley out of the bedroom and made each other gasp and sigh and moan - after that, as they lay exhausted and sweaty and sated in the wreck they'd made of Jared's bed, Jared looked at his boyfriend, at this man who'd taught him more about who he was, this man he loved like crazy, and he whispered "Move in with me".

Jensen just blinked at him, smiled slowly, and said "I was with Michael for two years and he never asked me that."

"Guess he wasn't meant to be."

"Guess not." Jensen leaned in and dropped a kiss on Jared's lips. Jared's stomach growled. Jensen laughed. "Is there anything left?"

"Cookies. We still got some chips. I think there's an orange in the fridge. You haven't said yes yet."

"To what?" He was grinning. The corners of his eyes crinkled when he did that, which Jared found incredibly hot.

"To moving in with me."

"Let me think about it."

"You wanna think about it?" Jared asked, incredulous. Jensen spent more time at Jared's house than in his own apartment. Chris had even commented that he was starting to like living alone, especially since he was still only paying half the rent.

"Yeah, I wanna think about it. Ask me in the morning." He kissed Jared again, and ten minutes later Jared had forgotten he'd asked Jensen anything at all.

He remembered the next morning, though. And he asked the day after that, and the day after that, and he kept asking until Jensen said yes.

words: 1833
total words: 55,251

and that's it. :D thanks for sticking with me.
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