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(and once again i warn for smut :D )

Jared didn't exactly discuss it with Jensen first, but he planned to use the Fourth of July to show Jensen off and introduce him out in public as "the guy I'm seeing". It involved a barbecue in his back yard and apparently almost everyone Jared knew who was local, which felt like a lot of people when they were all packed into the yard.

Jensen had maybe a little more to drink than he would have planned on, but it helped him talk to all these people and made him less nervous about making a good impression as "the guy Jared was seeing". And no one seemed to care - he certainly wasn't the only person who'd need a ride home, even though he himself was not actually going home, and people were friendly enough. He even let Jared coax him into singing, although it was just "The Star-Spangled Banner" and half the guests joined in.

The plan was originally to go to Goodlettsville to see the fireworks, and at a little after seven o'clock some people peeled off to do just that, but everyone else seemed to be having too good a time at Jared's house. There were still burgers and the remains of potato salad and three-bean salad and cole slaw, and bottles of beer and chocolate-chip cookies and friendly dogs, and people stayed until all the food had been eaten and all the drinks had been drunk and even the dogs had collapsed in exhausted heaps on the living room floor.

And Jensen and Jared made a token effort at cleaning up - well, Jared did, anyway - and then went into the bedroom and closed the door and lay down on the bed and finally had a chance to kiss each other in ways that they'd been too nervous to do in front of all the partiers.

"Did you have a good time?" Jared asked.

"Yeah," Jensen said. "Lots of people, though. I think I liked all of them."

"You think?"

"I can't think." He leaned in and kissed Jared again. "Just wanna kiss you."

"You're drunk." Jared grinned at him.

"I'm drunk." Jensen nodded agreeably. "You know what I did today? I talked to total strangers. I put on my social hat. Social butterfly. Alllllll day. And 'cause I did that, I get my boyfriend all to myself now."

"Boyfriend? You got someone else?" But Jared was still grinning, teasing. God, he was cute. Jensen wanted to kiss him some more.

"Yeah. Cute boy. Likes dogs. Grills a mean burger. Thinks I'm kinda hot." He rolled onto Jared's chest, brushed his fingers across Jared's face and tangled them in his hair. "Looks kinda like you. Weird, huh." He dipped his head to lick at Jared's lips, kiss his mouth, taste him. "Good kisser. Great ass."

"So I'm your boyfriend now?" Jared's voice sounded more serious now. "Like, you officially introduce me that way? 'This is my boyfriend, Jared.' 'This is Jensen, he's my boyfriend.'" He seemed to be trying the word out. Either that or he liked the way it sounded. Jensen understood - he did too.

"You like it? You don't think so?"

"I think so. I want to be more than just the guy you're seeing. I want you to be more than just the guy I'm seeing. Boyfriends." He chuckled softly. "Yeah, I like it."

"I like you."

"Man, you are drunk."

"And tired. Happy. Kinda horny."

"You wanna fuck me?" Jared asked. "Want me to fuck you?"

"Yeah." Jensen licked at his lips again. He loved how warm they were, how they tasted, how easily Jared responded. He loved kissing Jared's mouth and sucking on his tongue and just losing himself in a long slow kiss that turned into another and another and yet another.


"Don't care. Just wanna feel you. Do whatever you want to me."

"I like this you," Jared said. "You're so easy."

"Knew you'd love it."

They kissed for a while, Jensen half on top of Jared, fingers brushing his face and combing through his hair, hips moving lazily against Jared's thigh until Jared rolled them both over so Jensen was on his back now and Jared lay half on top of him. Jared shifted just enough to reach down, nudge Jensen's thighs apart, and fondle his cock through his shorts. Jensen kissed him harder.

"Fuck me," he murmured against Jared's mouth.

"Soon," Jared murmured back. He pulled away and rearranged himself so he could get Jensen's shorts open and slide his hand inside his underwear. Jensen sighed in anticipatory pleasure and lifted his hips. Jared pulled his shorts and underwear down, freeing Jensen's cock, cupping his balls before lowering his head and sucking Jensen's erection into his mouth.

"Ahh," Jensen breathed out. He felt his eyes start to close - Jared's head bobbing up and down was mesmerizing, and he was pretty tired. All that beer.

He stroked Jared's hair and face and breathed in and out and felt like he was floating. It was good. It was pretty close to perfect.

Eventually Jared pulled off his cock, slid up the bed, and tugged at Jensen's shirt, and once Jensen was naked he stripped off as well.

"I love your body," Jensen murmured, trailing his hand up and down Jared's chest.

"That's good to know," Jared said. "Considering I wasn't planning on going anywhere." Jensen's hand drifted down to Jared's cock, wrapped around it, and pulled. Jared sucked in a breath. "I'm gonna spread your legs and bury my dick in your ass and fuck you all. Damn. Night."

Jensen pulled Jared's head down with his free hand and kissed him hard, holding him there until they were both out of breath. And then Jared pushed himself away just long enough to find a condom and the lube, slick Jensen up, roll the condom on, and push slowly into Jensen's ass.

"Yes," Jensen breathed. He felt languid and lazy and he was just going to follow wherever Jared took him, whatever Jared wanted to do. Jensen was just... relaxed. Loose. And more than a little turned on.

Jared moved slowly inside him, taking his time, leaning over Jensen and just watching him. Jensen loved looking up and seeing Jared hanging over him, hair in his face, lips parted and the corners of his mouth turned up in a grin.

"So fucking good," Jensen said, the words rolling off his tongue like molasses.

"Yeah.... Yeah." Jared was smiling almost distractedly. What was he concentrating on? Jensen was an easy lay, he didn't need anything fancy - just Jared's cock, Jared's hands, Jared's mouth, Jared's ass.

They moved together for what felt like hours, Jared's hips pumping in and out almost casually, his head dropping every so often for a kiss, Jensen running his hands up and down Jared's chest and over his thighs and down his back to cup his ass. Jared's skin was warm and a little damp with sweat, and the soft noises he made when Jensen touched him were exciting and arousing for all their quietness.

"God, Jensen..." Jared whispered.

And Jensen just flowed with it, rolling his hips against Jared's thrusts, listening to the both of them breathing, trying to swallow the scent of them, salty and sweaty and still touched with humid night air and the faintest taste of charcoal.

Jared was moaning softly now, pushing himself deep into Jensen's body, fucking him steadily, staring at his face as if watching for some sign. And what sign could Jensen give him? What could he say? I'm so turned on I can't imagine anything in this world worth more than the way you fuck me, and everything's moving so slowly because I'm kind of drunk, and I'd do it again just for the amazing way you feel.

"Uhh," Jared groaned. "Jesus, you feel good. I wanna do this to you all night. Wanna... uhn, fuck...."

Jensen moaned as well, and maybe a whimper escaped his lips but he couldn't say if it was him or Jared at this point. He felt as if they had been going all night, and the sun should be coming up and the dogs should be interrupting them and -

Jared closed his fingers around Jensen's cock and started to pull, and Jensen's breath stuttered.

"Gonna make you come," Jared panted, his hand moving faster, letting go of Jensen's cock to fondle his balls. "Make your drunk ass climax first." He grinned. "I wanna see your O-face."

Jensen moaned encouragement as Jared's hand worked his cock and Jared's hips fucked his ass, and he could feel the slow tidal wave of his climax roll under his shoulders and down his spine to his hips, and he groaned when he came.

"Shit," Jared breathed. "That's so hot."

"So're you."

And he was - the flush on his skin, the faint sheen of sweat, his hair hanging in his eyes, his lower lip between his teeth, the muscles in his chest jumping under his skin as he picked up the pace and thrust faster and harder.

"Oh... fuck," he moaned, and even half-drunk and half-asleep Jensen felt him coming hard, could see it on Jared's face and in his posture, could hear it in his voice.

Jensen didn't think it would ever stop being amazing, the way Jared looked and sounded when he came. He hoped he never stopped being amazed and aroused.

Jared lowered himself down onto the mattress, dropped a slow kiss onto Jensen's lips, and rolled over and pulled out.

"Yeah, that was good," he said, a little breathlessly. "I love fucking my boyfriend."

"Weird," Jensen said, "because I love fucking my boyfriend too."

"Maybe we should get them together."

"Maybe." Christ, he was tired. Tired and sated and secure and unbelievably happy. He yawned.

Jared got up, presumably to throw out the condom, and Jensen wriggled under the covers, rolled onto his side, and closed his eyes. He felt Jared get back in bed and spoon up against him and lick his ear. His shoulder twitched. Jared chuckled, his breath warm against Jensen's neck.

"You're gonna have a hangover in the morning," Jared said.

"Mm," Jensen answered. He was almost asleep - why was Jared talking to him?

"You're not listening to me, are you."

No, he was not. He was falling asleep. And enjoying the comfort and heat of his boyfriend's body snugged against him, Jared's arm around his chest, legs twined with his. The A/C was on, so they could lie that close in the middle of the summer and not stick together with heat, but Jensen was at the point where he really didn't care either way. This was what he'd wanted a month and a half ago, and now he had it. And he was content.

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