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Nov. 6th, 2016


Nov. 6th, 2016 02:05 pm
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"I work for mine too! I act and introduce people who can help each other. You'll see," she told Sadie. "In a month you'll be making clothes for people. I promise."

Sadie decided to take her at her word. Gigi was very convinced of the power of her own will, and if she said Sadie would be making a living designing her own clothes for sale in a month, then by god she would be.

After work she shared Victor's dress-shopping advice and opinions with Rose and Ida, and by the end of the evening they'd had a quick dinner, seen a John Barrymore picture, and most importantly, had acquired a pretty pink dress so Rose could make a good impression on the law partner she was after. She'd borrow a shawl from Frances and a pair of silver-gray shoes from her sister, and she already had white gloves and a white hat and an appropriately decorative beaded purse, into which she could fit her compact, her room key, and a dollar in case she needed it.

The dress was a little more expensive than Rose had planned for )

words: 2793
total words: 11,872
note: gigi's apartment is vaguely based on this place, with the assumption that the unit goes all the way through to the back.


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